Featured Class: Spring 2018: Flag Football

They boys had a wonderful time on the gorgeous spring day, throwing and catching in the football madness. Their energy only increased as time went on.  The touchdowns were limitless!

Featured Class: Spring 2018: Books and Cooks

The boys had an amazing time making edible sand in books and cooks.  They had to smash up their cookies to mix in their pudding.  What better way to top it off then to add gummy worms!  YUM!

Featured Class: Spring 2018: Bitty Flag Football

We battled the cold during our first class of Bitty Flag Football.  The boys had a blast running routes on the quad with their teammates. They practiced their catching skills by playing the position of wide receiver to their coaches

Featured Class: Winter 17-18: Zoology Study and Craft

The boys finished our wonderful zoology course by creating their own personal sized zoo in our last class. They used animal figures, flowers, play dough, and creativity to make these amazing little masterpieces.  We had a blast this session in

Featured Class: Winter 2018: Winter Wonderland Funtivities

The boys had a wintery time making some snowflake mosaic pictures using tissue paper and glue.  The end result was amazing and they couldn’t wait to take their masterpieces home!!  We cannot wait to make marshmallow igloos next week!

Featured Class: Winter 2018: Indoor Soccer

Dribble, kick, score!  These boys are becoming so skilled in the art of soccer and competition.  They enjoy practicing their kicking skills, goalie techniques, and teamwork throughout. We cannot wait til the weather gets nicer so we can really utilize

Featured Class: Winter 2018: Minecraft Inc.

Minecraft!  Minecraft!  Minecraft!  Wow, these boys really know their ins and outs in their amazing program.  They really enjoy enhancing their tech skills and creativity when building in this virtual world. Their teacher is showing them new things for them

Featured Class: Winter 2018: Zoology Study and Crafts

The boys learned so many interesting facts about flamingos like how their feathers are colored pink and why they enjoy standing on one leg.  The boys are becoming regular zoologist in this fun loving course. They had a lot of