Featured Class: Winter 2018: Zoology Study and Crafts

The boys learned so many interesting facts about flamingos like how their feathers are colored pink and why they enjoy standing on one leg.  The boys are becoming regular zoologist in this fun loving course. They had a lot of

Featured Class: Winter 2018: Winter Wonderland Funtivities

Let it snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!  With the winter week we had, the boys had a wonderful time painting with ice cubes in their class. They made amazing pictures and even blew on their ice cubes to

Featured Class: Winter 2018: Indoor Gaga

The boys had a blast playing indoor gaga, challenging their coaches and one another.  They played multiple games and showed amazing talent in their dodging capabilities.

Featured Class: Winter 2017: Chess Club

Check mate!  These boys are having a ball playing chess with their instructor and each other. They are learning all the strategies of the game and using them to their advantage against their opponent.

Featured Class: Winter 2017: Floor Hockey

The boys had to take advantage of the wonderful weather yesterday during floor hockey.  They practiced their shooting and passing skills with each other. Their coach organized a game for them to play and they enjoyed it to the fullest! 

Lego Madness Before Class

While waiting for our classes, we always make the coolest creations during our down time.  The boys are always excited to share their creations with you!

Featured Class: Winter 2017: Zoology Study and Crafts

Zoology Study is off to a great start.  So far the boys have learned about lions and porcupines.  They know that lions travel in a pride and porcupines have strong quills to protect them from predators. The boys did an

Featured Class: Winter 2017: Robotics Competition

The Lego Robotic team did an amazing job at the competition last weekend.  They worked extremely hard and wonderfully as a team to complete all their tasks. Their presentation was a huge hit with tons of research.  We are so