Spring 2019: Ooey Gooey Science

The boys got too shoot off some paint rockets today using paint, film capsules, water, and alka seltzer. They had a blast watching them soar high in the air while making cool art in the process!

Spring 2019: Painting with Poets

We were extremely hands on with our paint, dying some eggs, using food coloring, and shaving cream while reading some fun egg poems for the holiday weekend! The boys had a blast getting messy in this fun art class!

Spring 2019: Bitty Flag Football

The boys had a very eccentric game with this gorgeous weather.      We saw some amazing touchdowns and great long distance runs.

Spring 2019: Lego Club

The boys had a wonderful time in Lego club designing and destroying their projects. Some used kits while other used their imagination and creativity.

Spring 2019: Minecraft

These boys are always deep in their building and projects we can barely get them on camera! They are designing the most amazing worlds we have ever seen!

Spring 2019: Floor Hockey!

Last week the boys took great advantage of the beautiful weather and had an amazing set of games outside. They practiced their shooting, defending, and even goalie skills!

Spring 2019: Ooey Gooey Science!!

In ooey gooey science the boys tested out the great and famous milk challenge. We saw how different liquids react when adding a third substance and the results were astonishing!

Winter 2019: Featured Class: Olympics

The boys had a blast enjoying the nice weather and playing gaga outside.  They dodged and jumped from getting out. We cannot wait until next week when we get to play floor hockey!