Featured Class: Fall 2018: Bitty Soccer

This fall season in soccer, the boys have started to learn the basic skills of dribbling, passing, and shooting. We have been ambitious and even played some games which the boys have extremely enjoyed!

Featured Class: Fall 2018: Gaga

The boys have been having close games of gaga so far this fall.  The judging must be precise on these close calls.   They are having a blast while dodging these quick, sharp shots!

Featured Class: Fall 2018: Flag Football

The older boys of the lower school have jumped right into some intense games this football season. We couldn’t believe the long throws, high catches, and close calls during these games!

Featured Class: Fall 2018: Bitty Baseball

The boys have been doing so well in Bitty Baseball this fall.  They start warming up with stretches and run the bases.   They most recently worked on batting practice and whoa did they hit them far!

Featured Class: Fall 2018: Art Studio

The boys had a wonderful first class making different projects out of clay.  They were extremely excited to finally paint them yesterday in their second class! We cannot wait to see what fantastic artwork they make next!

Featured Class: Spring 2018: Soccer

This soccer team had a marvelous time practicing dribbling, kicking on goal, and even passing to their teammates.     These strong little players love playing a soccer game and improving their talents!

Featured Class: Spring 2018: Nature Club

Nature Club had a fantastic time outside going on a scavenger hunt.  They saw birds, squirrels, flowers, identified trees, and even dug for worms and bugs. Nature Club cannot wait to make flower petal sun catchers next week!

Featured Class: Floor Hockey

The boys had an intense game of floor hockey with goals and teamwork!  It was a close game and the boys were amazing sports!