Winter 2018-2019: Featured Class: Indoor Olympics

The boys wanted to master the skills on soccer before their holiday break!   They practiced their dribbling, passing, and scoring techniques on their last day before the new year!

Winter 2018-2019: Featured Class: Clay and Ceramics

Right before the holiday break, the boys channeled their inner clay master and made their own clay snowmen.  All we need now its some flurries! We cannot wait to see what the boys create when they are back in session!!

Featured Class: Fall 2018: Fall Frenzy

The boys had a tasty time making our edible pumpkin patches in Fall Frenzy.  They mixed, crushed, and ate their delicious creations and loved it!

Featured Class: Fall 2018: Soccer

They boys practiced their dribbling, shooting, and passing this week in soccer. After a fun game, the boys ended their soccer practice with some Sharks and Minos and the laughs kept coming!

Featured Class: Fall 2018: Lego Robotics

The boys have been accomplishing many tasks for their robots to complete.  Each week their robots are becoming more elaborate and intelligent from their programming. It will be fun when they get to show them off at the Robotics Demo!

Featured Class: Fall 2018: Lego Club

This week the boys got to take a small break from building to enter their amazing Lego Worlds on the ipads. They created the coolest projects and played amazing Lego games that kept the entire class engaged!

Featured Class: Fall 2018: Fall Frenzy

Fall Frenzy is off to a great start.  The boys have made fall trees, paper bag pumpkins, and now even scarecrows. Next week we cannot wait to paint real pumpkins!!

Featured Class: Fall 2018: Minecraft

The boys have been working vigorously at building out their tasks in their Minecraft world. Some have even begun to build water slides, carnivals, parks, and so much more!