Spring 2019: Minecraft

These boys are always deep in their building and projects we can barely get them on camera! They are designing the most amazing worlds we have ever seen!

Spring 2019: Floor Hockey!

Last week the boys took great advantage of the beautiful weather and had an amazing set of games outside. They practiced their shooting, defending, and even goalie skills!

Spring 2019: Ooey Gooey Science!!

In ooey gooey science the boys tested out the great and famous milk challenge. We saw how different liquids react when adding a third substance and the results were astonishing!

Winter 2019: Featured Class: Olympics

The boys had a blast enjoying the nice weather and playing gaga outside.  They dodged and jumped from getting out. We cannot wait until next week when we get to play floor hockey!

Winter 2019: Featured Class: Jr. Minecraft

Our Jr. Minecraft is soaring to new lands and creations.  They have been working on building many fixtures and obstacle courses in their Minecraft world. They boys love exploring in each other’s lands and getting new ideas!

Winter 2019: Featured Class: Lego Club

In Lego club the boys had centers where they could either play Lego Bingo or build their own creations at their own pace. We are always building projects and friendships in Lego Club!

Winter 2019: Featured Class: Winter Wonderland Funitivities

Last week the boys sharpened their claws and made amazing polar bear masks in this Arctic blast of a class! They cannot wait until next week when we get to paint with ice!

Winter 2018-2019: Featured Class: Winter Wonderland Funtivities

This past week the boys did an amazing job making igloos out of marshmallows and icing.  Their creativity still amazes us! They also had time to create their own snowmen pictures!  They turned out fantastic!