Team Huddle!

This week, students broke out into two teams and participated in a competitive and fun flag football scrimmage! All players focused on their passing and catching skills but most of all their teamwork.

Critics Corner Book Club

  This week in Critics Corner Book Club, two guests made a special appearance! Students chose from a variety of books and read along with instructor, Dr. Fenton, and a student from the Upper School.

Scrimmaging in Floor Hockey

In Floor Hockey, the students had a blast competing against each other during an all-squad scrimmage. This was a great opportunity for them to practice their stick skills, improve team communication and have some fun!

Creative Studio Celebrates the New Year

To celebrate the New Year, Creative Studio Enrichment students made Rosh Hashanah sun catchers with real apple seeds!

What Does it Mean to Play Chess?

  What does it mean to play chess and how does it intersect with life? Students pondered this question during Chess Club this week. Similar to life experiences, such as remaining on top of school work, students learned to stay

Creative studio kicks off with wind chimes

In Creative Studio, students crafted wind chimes to hang up in their backyards at home! Each student had the opportunity to paint with their favorite colors. They also attached bells to colorful strings and streamers so that their chimes will

Chess Club Begins!

Yesterday was an amazing day in Chess Club! Students got acquainted with the game as they reviewed the functions and rules of each piece. Club members dove right in and played against each other in friendly matches. Our Chess Club